Chongqing to build virtual reality ndustry Alliance

for virtual reality, do not know if you do not understand, it is the product of science and technology. Recently in Chongqing, the introduction of virtual reality industry. The hospital is facing the global recruitment of members of the union, is pulling the hair from the construction of the regional virtual reality industry alliance, China (Chongqing) virtual reality industry alliance to promote the development of new virtual reality industry. The alliance is expected to be formally established as early as March.

since last year, the various capital beachhead layout, promote the development of virtual reality industry blowout. Chongqing city also introduced and nurtured by the glorious moment, Shu City Vision and virtual reality technology more than 30 icelus leading enterprises, laid a good foundation for the development of virtual reality industry. At the same time, as the country’s major automotive and electronic products manufacturing base, Chongqing in the field of virtual reality applications, hardware research and development and other fields have a congenital advantage.

Chongqing City Commission by letter introduced in the second half of last year to develop a study on accelerating the development of virtual reality industry work, made it clear that the city will build a complete virtual reality industry ecosystem. Plan to 2020 to the city’s virtual reality industry output value exceeded 10 billion yuan.

virtual reality, can give people a lot of experience, it is worthy of recognition, so that people feel the power of science and technology, it is worthy of recognition. At present, Chongqing Institute of information and communication has been issued to all domestic and foreign enterprises in the field of virtual reality, industry organizations and service agencies issued an initiative to collect China (Chongqing) virtual reality Industry Alliance members.

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