Fujian angel investment fund to promote entrepreneurship

for many entrepreneurs, in the business of financing is a very important link, at the same time, now in many places in order to attract and encourage people to entrepreneurship will introduce some related measures such as entrepreneurship, for entrepreneurs to solve the funding problem.

to enhance the capital market on the entrepreneurial innovation financing capacity, the Fujian Provincial Commission by letter will also be on the listing successful enterprises a one-time grant of not more than 300 thousand yuan reward in the new three board and the Strait equity trading center; at the same time, to carry out the public to raise equity financing pilot, the establishment of public innovation platform to raise public, encourage the public record the product space organization innovation to carry out network chips.

entrepreneurs is solved when funding problems of entrepreneurship, so entrepreneurs can Houguwuyou to entrepreneurship, the establishment of Fujian province 100 million yuan angel investment funds for local entrepreneurs will play a very big role.


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