Five strokes to get your Taobao store received 100%

shop in Taobao open low threshold, small investment, many small businesses are welcomed by many entrepreneurs. But for a newly open shop in the Taobao shop for entrepreneurs, want to show on the platform outcrop angle has a long way to go, the first is to accumulate popularity, won praise, there are five strokes can let Taobao owner get 100%.


moves two: timely to the buyer to confirm the evaluation of

in buyers give you receipt confirmation, no matter how busy taking the time to evaluate your buyers timely, the day can not be dragged into the evaluation of second days or even days! Because only you can see after the evaluation of the buyer to give you the evaluation, if this time you find that the buyer is to give you the evaluation of the poor, then you have to look at my moves three!

moves three: found the difference in assessment, contact the Department of buyers communication

if the other is a mobile phone

moves four: the courage to take responsibility, to admit mistakes


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