Brand underwear join the list of 2011 national lingerie stores list

joined the list of 2011 national brand underwear underwear store list is mainly to be engaged in the business of underwear industry provides a good opportunity to join, let them in the absence of underwear sales experience, get support from headquarters, quickly get started.

, a merchant shaping underwear


Project Description: restore the beauty of a woman, let a woman cry, a good product is crazy, even shaping underwear to join, needless to say, do not do good publicity projects, shaping underwear underwear agent, won’t make you rich infinite wealth,


join address:


two, Kath women’s Square, 10 yuan female goods store


Project Description:

Kath woman square color fashion, fashion products, Kath woman square avant-garde, with the overall style and store Manicure a seamless heavenly robe, fusion, a common love of women business flower weaving technology, Kath woman square will cause a new storm hit

on the female consumer market


join address:



underwear deep whisper


Project Description:

  deep secret underwear has a rich cultural heritage as a strong backing, with leading technology and quality of raw materials as a basis for the franchisee to bring huge profits, to create fashion hall

with strength and good reputation


join address:



cat underwear


Project Description: cat underwear is a professional committed to the development, design and sales of large-scale operation, the trend of women’s fashion and sports and leisure apparel brand operation of modern large-scale group. The cat costumes to meet people for the warmth of the demand, but also achieve a fashion


join address:


five, fiber research underwear


Project Description: Yan Yan underwear has a wealth of design experience, the production of mature, excellent quality, is the first, is currently the only single channel operation and never set up a professional self adjustment Office

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