Anhui new energy development of coal industry

part of Anhui has been included in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, the development of the province to provide a better platform, is bound to bring big changes. From the Anhui provincial development and Reform Commission was informed that this year, the rapid growth of the province’s energy investment, a significant rebound in corporate profits, energy supply security and stable.

rapid development of new energy

it is understood that the first three quarters, the province’s new energy and renewable energy industry to maintain rapid development momentum. The high Yuexi County cattle grass wind farm, Jinzhai Baita fan Xinyi PV photovoltaic power generation, straw power plant, Jinzhai conch Langxi Leone garbage incineration power plant and a number of renewable energy projects have been completed and put into operation, the new power installed capacity of 2 million 230 thousand kilowatts, to complete the task over the new installed capacity of 1 million 800 thousand kilowatts annual goals set by the provincial government in advance.

at the end of September, the province’s new energy and renewable energy generating a total installed capacity of 8 million 630 thousand kilowatts, accounting for total installed capacity proportion reached 15%, an increase of 4 percentage points, compared with the first half of the year and an increase of 0.2 percentage points. New energy and renewable energy generating capacity of 12 billion 800 million kwh, an increase of 47%, accounting for the proportion of the total social electricity consumption by about 9.5%, an increase of about 3 percentage points.

coal industry continued to pick up

before the three quarter, Anhui has closed, exit the coal industry production capacity of 6 million 670 thousand tons, reduced production capacity of about 24 million tons, the province’s coal production capacity decreased from 1.57 tons to 1.23 tons at the beginning of the year or so.

in the improvement of the supply and demand situation, coal prices since the two quarter of rapid recovery, especially in September to accelerate the upward, coal companies losses narrowed significantly. At the end of September, our province 4800 kcal coal market price 445.5 yuan / ton, rose 65.3 yuan / ton, compared to the beginning of the year rose 138.2 yuan / ton; coal price 772.4 yuan / ton, rose 25.7 yuan / ton, compared with the end of last year rose 206.4 yuan / ton.

energy production run smoothly

in the first three quarters, the province’s energy production capacity of 68 million 790 thousand tons of standard coal, down by 7.3%. Classification, the rapid growth of electricity production, coal and refined oil production has declined.

at the end of September, total installed capacity of 56 million 790 thousand kilowatts of electricity, an increase of 14%. The total power generation capacity of 16 million 855 thousand kwh, an increase of 10.4%.

energy consumption grew by

in the first three quarters, electricity and oil consumption increased steadily, coal consumption declined slightly. At the end of September, the industrial sector more than the province’s coal consumption is recommended

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