How beautiful guest delicacy yogurt machine of good project

delicious yogurt to join the project choice, the best choice for small business. Gourmet beauty yogurt machine? Easy to start a good business to choose a good project. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join us off the delicacy yogurt machine project, open their own delicacy Meike yogurt machine stores, the shop is made!

can make yogurt raw materials:

milk, goat milk, milk powder, soy milk can be used as raw materials for yogurt; lactic acid bacteria at the same time, the best choice of the production date is close to and must be refrigerated products. The freshness and concentration of milk is stable, the nutritional value is higher than the milk powder, yogurt made with milk, taste more delicious than milk powder to do. Goat milk temperature, stomach, intestines, replenishing qi, and easy digestion and absorption. Especially for the elderly, infirm, children, bronchial allergy is very helpful.


fermentation time will be affected by the environmental temperature and the initial temperature of raw materials, so the low ambient temperature or the use of cold milk production should be appropriate to extend the time. But not more than 14 hours. If there is no "lactic acid bacteria powder as the fermentation strain is best to do?" lactic acid bacteria powder as the fermentation strain, also available commercially available yogurt as a species, but should pay attention to the marked bacteria and freshness, the other can also use the yogurt, before eating a small amount of retained as in the next production when the strain, but should pay attention to the container disinfection, and to avoid contamination of cold storage.

how to distinguish the yogurt has done? When the container is slowly tilted, the surface is thick or condensed into shape that has made Tofu pudding yogurt.


1. homemade acid grandma can be refrigerated for about 10 days, but the first 3 days of the most fresh yogurt, live bacteria up to the best quality, it is recommended to drink a week. Can be stored for more than six months of the sale of yogurt, is completely sterile, there is no active lactic acid bacteria, this product can be stored at room temperature.


2. activity of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt will be killed under high temperature, so if you do not want to drink too much ice yogurt, yogurt is best placed at room temperature next time, then finish in 30 minutes, the heating can also use water heating mode, but the temperature can not exceed 40 degrees, to avoid being active bacteria kill.

3. when the fermentation time is too long, the yogurt will become more acidic and transparent water running out, this is the normal "off water phenomenon", not bad deterioration. The water contains whey protein and can be eaten with yogurt.

4. fermentation time will cause whey separation, and even form >

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