What steps has joined Eastman dry cleaners

has been the existence of dry cleaners, has been very popular choice. How about Eastman dry cleaners? Quality of the project, the success of venture worthy of trust. In fact, open their own Eastman dry cleaners, is also very profitable choice. So, what steps have joined Eastman dry cleaners?

the first step, pretreatment, that is, to remove stains. It is the use of artificial AIDS will be a serious pollution of dirt and insoluble in dry cleaning solvent stains (if juice, nail polish, paint, ink, etc.) to deal with in advance.

second step, main washing. Place the pre treated clothes in a dry cleaning machine and wash them thoroughly with a dry cleaning solvent.

Third step

postprocessing, the main purpose is to remove the solvent for dry cleaning residues (solvent is a dissolved solid, liquid or gaseous solute of liquid, and then become solution (solution is composed of at least two substances composed of homogeneous and stable mixture dispersed matter (solute, these are some knowledge of dry cleaning must know the particle molecular) or less dispersed in another substance (solvent) in. Solution is mixture. Matter has three states: solid, liquid and gas at room temperature. Therefore, there are three kinds of solutions, the atmosphere itself is a gas solution, solid solution mixture often known as solid solution, such as alloy. The general solution is specifically a liquid solution. The liquid solution consists of two types, namely, an electrolyte solution which can be electrically conductive and a non electrolyte solution which is not conductive. The so-called colloidal solution, more precisely, should be called sol. Among them, the solute is equivalent to the dispersion and the solvent is the dispersant. In the life of a common solution of sucrose solution, iodine, clarifying lime water and dilute hydrochloric acid, salt water and air. ) the basic profile of these dry cleaning needs to be understood.

is the most common solvent in everyday life. The so-called organic solvent is an organic compound containing carbon atoms. Solvents usually have relatively low boiling points and are volatile. Or it can be removed by distillation, leaving the dissolved. Therefore, the solvent does not react chemically with the solute. They must be inert. The most common example is the extraction of soluble compounds from a mixture. Solvents are usually transparent, colorless liquid, most of them have a unique odor. ) (called "iron and ironing", also known as "water", "Jin dou". Usually made of metal, in use charcoal heating after ironing cloth. The modern iron is made of polyurethane plastic, which is heated by electricity or steam. Plastic surgery.

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