Decoration company investment profit analysis

decoration company is now one of the most popular investment projects, but this kind of shop is not to say that you can open, you must first have the investment strength. Home improvement market demand is huge, profit naturally self-evident, specific profitability analysis? Let’s take a look at it.

Jiezhuang potential. According to statistics, in recent years, the national home decoration industry output value of 120 billion yuan, is 1990s, the annual increase of 40, an average annual increase of roughly doubled every two years, equivalent to the total annual investment in urban residential housing in the country by the year of 45%, which is about $30%. There is a bold estimate: home decoration in the next two or three years will reach $200 billion to $300 billion, equivalent to about half of total residential investment. This is not a bluff or a blind optimism.

the required funds: 100 thousand yuan

opened cost: 50 thousand yuan


facade design features

The investment requirements of

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