A good team indispensable five kinds of people

said the team is strong, entrepreneurship needs more support team. A good team is more likely to succeed, then there are excellent team who, there are five types of people essential. Take a look at the outstanding entrepreneurial team is essential for the five categories of people.

1,   a versatile designer who knows how to appreciate beauty

2,   a logical and clear product manager

3, a proficient in combat Marketing Manager

startups need a special had a lot of experience, but also willing to stoop to work, of course, for the people, also must give enough trust and authorization. In fact, this is the most difficult, because the marketing in the understanding of ordinary people, like financial, professional design work, its unique, coupled with its own employment threshold is low, so a lot of time will be mistaken for everyone to understand some. But in fact, most people will just say it

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