Do you have to pay attention to the activities of the restaurant to send gifts

said businesses are the most astute, small make up personally feel that this is not fake, but Xiao Bian also feel that the wisdom of businessmen is worth learning. Just take the catering business this seemingly simple, but in reality it is a complex thing, in the face of diners such special consumer groups, each link can not be careless, even as the promotional gifts of these small things.

do you have a certain relationship with the consumer business, have a great relationship with the number of consumers for catering business skills, people sometimes retain customers and did not imagine so much trouble, a small gift will be able to make our customers more satisfied. But when a small gift giving customers should also pay attention to a certain extent, do not give a careless.

first, choose gifts to linked to their own restaurant, for example, can own the restaurant’s signature dish made of small accessories, in a corner of the restaurant beauty made small calendar, all gifts to make consumers feel, see this gift naturally can think of the restaurant.

followed by gifts to grade. Do not send gifts already, if sent to give money, send some high-grade small gifts, do not use some cheap products a good filling, such as well. Of course, gift packaging should also pay attention to the packaging is very attractive to consumers.

other gifts to make it easy for consumers to get. To give gifts is sincere, not what the baby, this is very easy to lose faith, let consumers dislike. Gifts can be divided into 123 different categories, so that consumers realized by the amount of consumption, such as stimulating the economic growth and the restaurant, so that consumers get the benefits, but consumers will not care for you


these are compiled for everyone to sort out the gifts of the notes, the restaurant can be based on their own restaurant to develop different programs.

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