Cross border business needs to understand those things

cross-border business case, the entertainment circle is of course, a lot of people It is often seen., will encounter such a situation, cross-border venture some things, the entrepreneurs need to understand, if, Xiaobian discuss it together!

cross-border business is not a play

"cross-border business is not. Can not only consider personal interests, but also to the market demand, identify the market entry point." Xu Wei (a pseudonym) said with deep feeling. Xu Wei graduated from the Ohio State University, out of love for the game, he chose to start in the field of hand travel. However, due to the lack of market products, entrepreneurship failed. After this, Xu Wei carefully studied the market demand, put aside the dedication to the game, and ultimately created a main business platform for the import of electronic products.

"I do fashion from the financial cross-border trade, not only because of interest, but also because of market demand, think to cross time." Xu Xuan (alias) graduated from Cass Business School of City University of London, majoring in banking and international finance.

2010 years, Xu Xuan returned to China, she successfully entered a central enterprises engaged in professional work with the investment. As a result of financial professional background and relevant practical experience, she quickly adapted to the work, and gradually accumulated some resources. In 2015, she decided to resign, choose to carry out the field of entrepreneurship in the field of fashion technology, mainly to provide luggage accessories category Online Custom service.

Compared with the

cross-border business is not starting from scratch

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