The waiter repeatedly said sorry is a polite

once we have a problem with others, or cause trouble, people will be "sorry" as a polite performance. So, if in the food and beverage market, the waiter repeatedly said to the customer, "I’m sorry", this is also a polite performance? Let Xiaobian with everyone together to know.

repeatedly said "sorry" is the real faux pas

a waiter would say the same thing to each table guest: "sorry to keep you waiting.". This is XX."

In fact, even if the

is the same line, it should be based on the different customer status in the tone change. For example, in the face of a lively conversation with the customer, it should use a more sonorous voice; and in the face of the voice of the voice of the customer, the voice will be slightly lower.

even if it is the same dishes, but also a little vivid description, so that customers feel very delicious.

warm just out of the pot, please serve hot." "Today the octopus really big ah!"

but the name of the food is just mechanically repeat the same sentence, did not contain any feelings of shame is really rude. When the restaurant was brought up is the most happy moment. It would be a pity if you didn’t take the opportunity to say one or two words from the heart and naturally fit.

you will have this experience. When you chat with friends to speculate, eat the waiter was quietly brought up the dishes but did not leave any impression. After may also ask: "just on the road is what ah?" This will happen if the server is mechanically served.

repeatedly said ‘sorry’ is a real Faux pas. Pay attention to the subtle changes in the service language. How difficult it is to see this little change of language. The store staff can consult each other, you can also use the customer’s taste. This asparagus is very popular." In any case, be sure to change the "embarrassed", "thank you," the usual routine blurted out the language, through this small change is very important for the future of the restaurant.

hope you don’t forget, in this will cost 100 yen in a convenience store or restaurant to buy delicious coffee time, the customer is not for your "feel shy, this is your hot coffee and happily took out 400 yen.

to use their own language to introduce products

is able to impress the customer, not the ability to talk rapidly product features. More effective than this

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