For small business shop business impact

now many of the owners are thinking big business, make money, for some small business is not profitable little interest. As everyone knows, it is precisely because this is not interested, leading to business development has been greatly affected. In fact, the small business should not do, many businesses will say, of course, do. In fact, the mouth to say, really can do it, and how many people. For example, the customer to buy a box of needlework, they come up with a needle, the needle will now say, how fine ah, certainly is not strong! A box of needle just a few cents of profit, the customer is still there all the time, you said let people get angry.

some people would have said so much, you do not want to buy, we do not sell it. Then he would put the needle back counter, to do other business. But then a small business, but people do not, customers may never buy these small objects, they must also have the bulk of consumption, or your attitude today, decided he would you here to buy commodities tomorrow.

I’ve eaten a little business. Two days before the National Day this year, there is an old man to my shop, bought a pack of cigarettes, said to me, the boss, give a lighter bar, forget to take the fire. I said, a pack of cigarettes have not earned you a lighter money, to lighter line, a dollar a. The old man said, then you give a box of matches. I said, I don’t sell matches here, there is a supermarket in the opposite side.

later, the old man went to the supermarket across the street. In a short while, moved out of the supermarket a dozen hard Chinese smoke out, but this is a thousand dollars profit big business ah. He didn’t buy so much, you know at that time, I sent him a box of lighters can. At that time, I just look at him only to buy a box of cigarettes, but also mouth to lighters, angry, but did not expect to send a big business.

small business profits are limited, but if the small business does not pay attention to, which will have a significant impact on the accumulation of profits. So, small business, big impact. Not only affect your business reputation, and sometimes affect your benefits. You are on a small object customers to buy watches, they can be happy? Can not find someone to talk to? Customer anti propaganda is sometimes fatal and has a great impact on your business. Therefore, regardless of small business, big business, we should treat equally.

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