Catering business success tips easily what the

although the food market has been a very large demand, the market is indeed immeasurable wealth. However, the environment changes too fast, I have time to change clothes, cold, heat is common." I believe that many food people have this feeling is not what the catering market in January three news, the market prospects seem clear, but people have not catch the feeling.

2016 catering market more than 3 trillion of the scale, while achieving the growth of the figure of two, from this data, the food and beverage market is the business of blue ocean". Powder love face to tell you, now hot in the future is not necessarily able to make a lot of money, because it means that the influx of a lot of people, will make the market quickly saturated.

1, cautious start easy

so does it mean that there is no opportunity for catering business? After all, the food and beverage industry, after all, is a larger industry category, there are various seed categories below, we need to do is to carey select the market segments. Take away, hot pot, barbecue, string is a very popular food and beverage business projects, the market has been saturated in many places, if you do not far beyond the opponent’s competitiveness, or do not touch the wonderful.

does not follow suit, not blindly, not reckless, three "no" words can fix this problem. How to understand this sentence? We are doing, don’t go with reason: fierce competition, market saturation easily; others blowing toward you to do as if it were raining flowers, the reason: such a good chance to give you what? Do not want to know what to do, think of what to do, reason: want to understand the work of doing business again!

2 and

go far deeper

with a saying at the beginning: "those who do not seek Jesus Christ, seek temporary shortage; those who do not seek a global lack of a domain plan." Determine your career prospects, not how much money, how hard you work, how hard you have, but your plan is reasonable, whether it can be implemented. Many factors determine your pattern size, such as awareness of the industry level, personal insight and judgment; pattern and reasonable, can take a long-term, on the other hand, even if the pattern of small, very capable, can achieve partial success, the overall loss or irreparable.

no pattern, no planning results? There are three outcomes: out of the market, by the friends of the killing or annexation, if do a little business.

3, product quality and solid foundation

when it comes to products, many people will think of dishes, because for a long time the core purpose of people eating is to eat, rather than enjoy. Now is not the same, delicious enough, good service. We can use a more scientific approach to restaurant products

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