An old Beijing shoes shop how much money

because the old Beijing shoes are now becoming more and more fashionable, and secondly because the old Beijing wear very comfortable foot, so as to make the product more and more welcomed by the market, invest in a shop like this, naturally is a good choice of entrepreneurship. However, the business is based on the need for funds, then, open the old Beijing cloth shoes shop how much money?

open old Beijing cloth shoes store, can not avoid talking about the store rent, this depends on the lot of choice. Beijing tiancifu old shoes recommend the selection of people concentrated areas, especially in the elderly, financial strength, wear shoes exquisite and comfortable healthy crowd together, or around the party and government organs and institutions. The rent of these lots, each place will not be the same, here we can grasp their own, the old Beijing cloth shoes can not give an accurate standard.

Next is the cost of various

old Beijing shoes store, including the initial fee, decoration, for the first time distribution etc.. Due to the special form of the market, the majority of the brand operators have proposed the idea of non franchise fee, which is a boon for the majority of investors. Of course tiancifu is no exception.

has not become a big problem to invest in the decoration fee to consider. Now the old Beijing cloth shoes brand operators, the general design of a unified store image, and forced to join the business package decoration. This side here to spend much money, it is not entirely decided by the franchisee can own, less than thousand, more than 10000, there are some bad brand operators to seize this opportunity, hard in the franchisee who wipe up oil.

led to a lot of franchisees, dig out the money should not be able to achieve the effect is no different. Tiancifu old Beijing shoes in order to relieve the worries of franchisees, and to maximize the interests of franchisees, put forward the "brand image design franchisee self decoration" concept, so that the franchisee can own renovation costs, for the franchisee to save a sum of money, by the majority of the franchisee.

The first

distribution is a big problem to brand stores opening faces, many brands of "XX zhe" slogan, seemingly low price is actually designed a trap for the franchisee. "XX fold" is not by the brand itself, this side of the problem itself, not to say. If you have any questions, you can come to our company! Back to the topic, general brands to the franchisee in the initial distribution of the amount of 1-2 million, the amount of distribution for small stores may be used for early promotion, but the store is a little nervous.

of course, if you choose to join the business, because the choice of different brands, the investment cost will naturally vary, according to the above Xiaobian introduced the content, this is down to open an old Beijing shoes shop recommended

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