Foot store business is good to meet the needs of the whole what conditions

want a store business is good, but you can do it, often need to meet a series of conditions, to be able to make the store business security. So, a good business needs to meet the conditions? And let Xiaobian for your simple analysis of it.

first place:

no need to explain, everyone knows. Foot shop store opening site must do market research, to understand what kind of people in the vicinity of the crowd, to understand competitors.

second: staff

this industry must take the staff as the enterprise’s capital, do not use the staff as the tool. Some small things will lead to small dissatisfaction with employees, long-term accumulation will lead to a big contradiction, and then leave. In fact, as a technician, in addition to the unit can earn money, but also to eat , sleep well. Not to say that every day to eat a big meal, not to say that every day to live star hotel. After all, the industry is doing physical activity, eat and live in order to ensure the spirit of tomorrow. In addition to a harmonious working environment. This depends on the method of foot bath shop managers, the serious when serious, the time to play on the play, as long as they become friends and talk about everything, you decide they will support you.

how to calculate foot bath industry qualified employees:

1: superb technique (30%)

2: communication skills (30%)

3: personal image and hygiene (30%)

4: other factors (10%)

third: marketing


score of foot store area of the store, many marketing methods, but the store is relatively single, so shop must have their own characteristics. The most effective way to do this is to use flyers and cards.

fourth place: store environmental health

must be enforced, foot shop early health if not done, a lot of trouble late.

fifth: corporate culture

want to make a big must make their own corporate culture, for example, want to go in the future direction of the chain, then the foot shop should be prepared in advance of a culture of their own characteristics.

are aware of the fierce competition in the industry, the store business is not good to do, however, if some of the

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