Why star class guest ice cream so popular people welcome the whole chowhound

is to help to know chowhound that around the world the delicacy, and found the delicacy as hobby, of course, many people love to be called chowhound. Their tongue is very picky, not a brand can meet their wishes. But there is an ice cream brand is unusual, able to capture thousands of chowhound taste buds, this is the star class guest ice cream. Why?

if the star class guest lung ice cream people have to eat, then the star class unique oxygen bar restaurant model, so that we can not come. High tech K5 oxygen health lamp product Star Inn exclusive import class, has the following functions:

1, to formaldehyde; 2, in addition to smoke; 3, to smell; 4, kill bacteria; 5, radiation.

with the help of it, the star class in the inn with fresh air can be comparable to the forest natural oxygen bar. To star class guest dining, not only can enjoy the delicacy, can also enjoy the oxygen free, such a special atmosphere, let everyone most willing to become its "captured", this is also the other brands can not match the ice cream.

star class guest can catch the world why ice cream chowhound

have you seen these? Let’s take a look at these creative ice cream:

flowers "steam pet" flower steam ice cream:

will be a variety of edible flowers on the steamer, and steamed with chocolate, just think about this scene, I feel the scent of flowers!

can be peeled chewing banana ice cream:

can be stripped to eat, you can chew to eat banana ice cream, lively and fun to eat, is definitely the boys favorite.

double shock:

crystal ice cream frozen eggs

layers of delicate transparent ice, hidden in the mysterious colorful gorgeous, from the extreme to the extreme luxury, constantly changing surprises, giving people a visual, taste double shock.

good products, of course, can not do without a good sauce, classic good sauce:

star class Italy ice cream sauce all come from Italy PreGel family. PreGel family of raw materials used in the production of ice cream has been hailed as "noble ice cream", its extraordinary taste shocking, it also provides a strong guarantee for the star class ice cream rich taste, excellent quality.

low fat and low sugar healthier:


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