Chongqing people online booking can enjoy the cultural feast

material living standards in the moment has been greatly improved, people are more in need of spiritual enrichment, Chongqing for the status quo of society, carried out a series of meaningful activities. Today morning, a comprehensive cultural performances came to Chongqing Banan district a street show, really let the town and country people enjoy a taste of elegance and cultural feast. Chongqing public cultural ing with the Banan district Party Committee Propaganda Department recently built online booking, interconnection, common point, the government pay the public cultural resources sharing platform.

as early as last month, Banan District, a street culture service center, on the point of the show. Chongqing song and dance artists braved the cold today not only show the dance, magic, comic performances, but also interact with the audience below the stage, let five jiao Ting community surnamed Li, a hi brother, on stage singing a song "and" deeply attached to each other actors, to show to a climax, attracted a lot of the audience, from time to time to let out a burst of applause and cheers, finally, the audience in a "build China dream" in the song from the live performances, really let the local cadres and the masses to enjoy a cultural feast.

Chongqing people online booking can enjoy a cultural feast, if you are a Chongqing, have you tried this operation? Act quickly! Banan District, a street community, while enjoying the performance of the teacher Luo Zhaoling, told reporters: "good ah! We are blessed, since March, the Propaganda Department of public cultural Chongqing things and Banan District build interoperability platform, one month to two times more than labor, cultural feast, but also drink wine, listen to music, look at dance, like the immortal life."

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