Stores to calm

some people may be a bit of their own point of impatience, when the business is worried about the turnover, after all, the volume but directly affect the store profits. Thus, when the customer comes to the door inadvertently exposed the impatient personality, which is not conducive to the development of the store business. So, in the store business process to calm calm, this will help the development of the store business.

previously, as long as the customer into the shop, I was worried about the goods; the initiative to ask the customer to what goods, I can not wait to take out, for fear of his back. I often come up with goods, people look at the left, the turnover rate is very low. Of course, there are bought, but very few, which makes me feel at a loss.

calm down, I think it is the mentality of the problem. Since customers come to buy things, we must look at the quality of goods, color or style, etc.. But I am always eager to do so, but the distance between the customer and I pushed away, so that the other side had the desire to go home to buy.

find the crux of the problem, I began to adjust the mentality. I do not know the customer, I am not anxious to promote, but to chat, ask for demand, etc., and gradually narrow the distance with the customer, so that the other side that I was in his mind.

we can not always do business in their own point of view, as long as the thought of turnover, but also need to stand in the customer’s point of view, so as to be able to truly recognize the service. Therefore, in the management of heart to heart, empathy, with the most sincere attitude towards the customer, there will be harvest.

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