Do business must be good with enthusiasm all customer shop

to buy things, if the owner does not have any passion, customers are afraid to buy the goods they need to go out, will not become loyal customers, who will not know. So, if you want to make the number of customers in the store more loyal customers, the owners need to be of enthusiasm to operate.


cousin shop time is not very long, but the business is doing very well. Just two years, accumulated a certain amount of wealth. Many come to the store "and guest" will become "repeat". One day, I went to the store to learn.

"Hello, what do you need?" "Not today?" "Hello, I’m looking for your change." "Please take care." Cousin smile and greet each customer. Is a smile to every customer. With his unique smile and enthusiasm infected with the customer. To tell the truth, every day living in such a circle, to receive all kinds of customers, the workload is quite large, it is difficult for me to do this at any time like a cousin to maintain this enthusiasm.

that’s when two customers come in. "Hello, what do you need?" Cousin still smile and greet.

"look" cousin’s enthusiasm did not infect the customer, answer to be neither hot nor cold.

you look at it, you need to help me again, after the cousin did not leave the customer, but the customer is not far away from the silent observation of customers.

saw two customers walking while chatting. "Do you think you are from Jianyang?" "Yeah, you’re from Jianyang, too?" The customer replied.

yes, I am the Sancha of Jianyang." Cousin a word closer to the distance and the customer.

"what a coincidence, I also sancha." The customer and cousin began to talk. Talk about changes to the home, talk to the hometown snack, the two had become fellow customers be strangers to each other, a familiar, the villagers finally bought a lot of things in the store, said his site workers also introduced to cousin shop to buy things.

off the customer, and a customer to buy something to see relatives. Ask his cousin to help him buy what is appropriate. Cousin asked to see their relatives and family members, and then a reasonable recommendation of a gift box, a milk, plus some children like to eat snacks. The customer is very satisfied, but also boast cousin considerate, will do business. Cousin’s practice had to make me look at him.

How can

be passionate about people? Cousin feel very simple. A look of concern, a sincere smile, when the customer needs to help

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