Datong County children’s nutrition and health intervention project start and training will be held

Datong County in September 3, 2012 held a children’s nutrition and health intervention project start and training. The county women’s Federation, county health and food and drug supervision and Management Bureau, County Finance Bureau, county radio and Television Bureau and the person in charge of the Township People’s Government in charge of deputy Township, women’s Federation President, director of community committees, township hospitals, child health care doctor more than 150 people attended the meeting.

to start the ceremony, director of the county health and food and Drug Administration Wang Chenggong project carried out the arrangements, the county women’s Federation President Tang Yongfan made a brief introduction on the general situation of the project, she said: the early childhood development program is a party and government attention, support of the people, pregnant women and infants benefit from the popular project, project has been approved domestic and international, has been the provincial government attach great importance to. To promote the overall development of the province’s early childhood development, the provincial Party committee and government put forward in the province to promote and implement the strategic deployment of early childhood development projects. The provincial fiscal year will invest 25 million yuan, the local finance supporting the corresponding funding, free of charge for 6 to 24 month old infants to supplement food supplements, health education for parents of infants and young children, reduce the prevalence of anemia among school-age children and parents to improve the level of scientific parenting, ensure the healthy growth of children. Through the early nutrition and early childhood education, in order to achieve "newborn health, infant nutrition, preschool education science," the good development of the situation, promote the growth of children.

Li Tianlu, deputy director of the county

stressed that the launch and training will mark the early development of children – infant nutrition project in Datong County officially launched. The implementation of the project will play an important role in improving the health status of infants and young children in Datong County, ensuring the healthy growth of children, raising the level of scientific parenting and improving the quality of the population in the future. He asked the participants to raise awareness, strengthen confidence, strengthen the implementation of the project a sense of mission and urgency; the two is to clear the task, implement the plan, fully complete the objectives and tasks of child nutrition and health intervention work; three to strengthen the organization and leadership, strengthen propaganda, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

After the

launch ceremony, the specific work of the project implementation of the special training.


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