New year to go Grassroots Festival has not been completed before the new rules

is the beginning of the six month, even though there is no formal work, but in Xining (National Park) economic and Technological Development Zone, both the CMC staff or park enterprises, has already entered the working state. February 15th, the reporter learned from the Development Zone Administrative Committee, after the Spring Festival, the development zone will be fully implemented in the park 33 system work mode, so that more efficient work.

With the development of

in recent years, the development zone has been highly effective in Northwest provinces. In the country and the province, the city of Xining have been introduced to improve the efficiency of the provisions of the development zone is also developed in time, according to the actual work, to determine the eight new regulations". Among them, in addition to further enhance the effectiveness of the organization, change the style of writing will be wind, improve the work style, the new development zone, the 33 system mode of work let a person shine.

it is understood that this innovative work system is based on the work function, in time and personnel at the mercy, 1/3 for daily business work; 1/3 to strengthen communication and convergence with the provincial and municipal departments, actively seek policy and financial support, form a joint force to promote the development of the 1/3; for in depth counties, parks and businesses in a timely manner master the construction situation of economic operation, project coordination, solve practical problems. "Although the usual is such work, but there is no specific dividing time so carefully, sometimes it’s easy to top-heavy, so that all can guarantee, the efficiency will be greatly enhanced." Development Zone Administrative Committee Office staff said. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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