Low carbon diet not for the bustling heart prone

"food", associative word. From the people, from. "Good" means "trailing in the end", which means "from birth to death". The combination of "human" and "good" means "to maintain a person’s life". "Good" is the direct meaning of good food. Thousands of years ago, Confucius pointed out that "very fussy about food. Today, people’s food requirements, more scientific and more reasonable than the ancient times.


low carbon diet was first proposed by Dr. Atkins in 1972, "Dr. Atkins’s new diet revolution," which can effectively reduce disease. Experts on the "low carbon diet" has a very professional explanation, low carbon is not just saving, not equivalent to simple environmental protection.

6 months of the world environment day, the theme of China’s "green consumption, you act?" Life is often referred to low carbon, but the low carbon diet rarely speak. In fact, the food from the ingredients, purchase, cooking to eat, have an important impact on the ecological environment of the earth. Data show that the production of carbon emissions of carbon dioxide accounted for nearly 1/5 of global greenhouse gas emissions, higher than the total carbon emissions of cars and aircraft. The harm of people eating too much meat is often restricted to health. As a matter of fact, scientists have warned against the possible environmental problems caused by too much livestock raising. The United Nations says the FAO report: cow emissions are the main reason of the global warming emissions, global emissions of 1 billion 50 million cows, even more than other human automobiles and aircraft transport emissions, the amount of carbon dioxide. "Xinmin Evening News · New Intelligence Weekly" has published an article that the animal human consumption of cattle and sheep and horses, they burp or fart produced "waste" atmosphere of serious environmental pollution, limiting their number has become a pressing matter of the moment.


low carbon should not just hot, just a fashionable, otherwise will be the past. From an environmental point of view, consumers can choose locally grown crops to reduce the amount of fuel and carbon dioxide that is needed for transportation. From the aspects of nutrition, the more fresh fruits and vegetables can keep more vitamins and minerals contained in the selection, seasonal food, the most beneficial to the body, high nutritional value, is also the most suitable for the need of the whole body.

we eat the world "Sijiqing chaoshikong food manufacturing enterprise" to "food, do not eat from time to time, old forgotten. The most respected seasonal diet, a "Lushih chunchiu", every month what to eat and not to eat, what to eat and what not to do what, what what to do, "Regulations" clearly. The growth of all things, followed by their respective seasons and the fate of each. As the market moved into the supermarket, with the popularity of greenhouse technology, preservation technology, breeding technology and gene technology, buy food and vegetables are imperceptibly forget the season. "Anti season" not only violates the laws of nature, but also damages the aesthetics of food. When we are on the twelfth lunar month watermelon, full air conditioning in the summer to enjoy Hot pot, "a dream of Red Mansions" the crab in Chrysanthemum Merlot immediately become a joke, but the supermarket "four gate;

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