Do solid work a good start in Xining focus on realistic effect and start

firmly grasp the five plenary session of the twelve session of the provincial Party committee and provincial spirit of "NPC and CPPCC" spirit, even the day, the Xining municipal government in early spring, Qin courageously spirit, pragmatic, dare to play the style of work, to study the deployment of major reform, key projects, important work, and strive to real, not with water, people’s acceptance and satisfaction of the effectiveness of the work.

at the beginning of this year, Xining municipal Party committee clearly put forward the improvement of work style, serving the people, the key is to implement the work requirements, requiring the county and departments should focus on reform, project construction, urban and rural development and the livelihood of promoting equality work to implement, to catch a batch of pilot experience, the introduction of a number of policy advice. The formation of a number of practical results, with greater efforts and measures of reform and development, stable results more and more equitable benefit the people of all ethnic groups.

Spring Festival holiday after work, Xining city paper, 2014 focused on the task, the work responsibilities specific to the mayor, to quantify the annual periods, so that each piece of work was arrested, the person in charge of. The task requirement is confirmed, can not be changed easily, to implement them one by one, who who is responsible for carrying, too hard to bite the end.

at the same time, it is clear that the focus of the work has a global, driven, traction. To overall consideration, the overall advance. The key to reform an orderly and effective to promote small victories; key projects to be inverted good time, to ensure that by the time the node to promote an important livelihood; to do a piece, a piece, each piece should let the people recognized; the important work important starting point, to ensure the realization of goals. Asked the district and departments to work hard, to discipline and high degree of self rectification four winds, facing all kinds of contradictions, problems and risks, we must dare to play, dare to do everything, good to do good to reflect the breakthrough ability and wisdom, reflecting good point, balanced strategy and tolerance, the actual results reflect the party’s mass line of educational practice. A thorough investigation of the style of work, supervision and inspection of key projects started, listen to "double fast" and the special city road network planning report, deepen the reform of relevant measures and inspection of air pollution control…… Whether it is a special meeting or the months of investigation, the County Department of the work, everything in good order and well arranged orderly, showing all of the capital city, the level of style and mental state.


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