Party members and leading cadres should learn to culture

Efforts to promote the construction of cultural province, leading cadres at all levels put forward new demands and expectations. As the practice and product of the transformation of the material world and the spiritual world, culture plays a vital role in shaping people, educating people and developing people. Practice has proved that good cultural accomplishment is the leading cadres close relationship between cadres and foundation to improve the ruling ability, a good image of the tree, the realization of cultural province strategic goal, our leading cadres of the party should first practice to culture the basic quality.

to cultural ethics. As the saying goes, do first man. For the leading cadres, to do not only reflect the personal accomplishment of morality, more importantly, to maintain the basic guarantee of the flesh and blood ties with the masses. The Chinese culture is profound and has a long history. It is an inexhaustible treasure house of traditional virtues. Leading cadres should take the initiative to absorb nutrition, strengthen their own moral self-cultivation, patriotic spirit of utter devotion, Lilian selfless sacrifice quality, hard struggle, death, striving for excellence, to solve the problem of the occupation morals, beliefs and communist ideals and Chinese socialism.

with strong cultural ability. Ability to test the quality of Party leadership is better than the ability to govern. Culture can not be equated with the ability to govern and leadership, but it is the cornerstone of Party members and cadres to enhance the ability to govern. Leading cadres should consciously advanced socialist culture into the correct political direction, firm political stance and sensitive political discrimination; the history of the Chinese nation culture philosophy into analytical thinking ability, innovation ability, development ability to solve problems; adhere to the dialectical materialism and historical materialism world outlook and methodology with the Marx doctrine to analyze and solve problems, and consciously resist the erosion of decadent ideological and cultural infiltration.

in heart health culture. Under the new situation, the leading cadres of the party in addition to possess good political quality and work ability, must also have good psychological quality, or in front of all kinds of contradictions and pressure will be lack of courage and perseverance, it is difficult to bear responsibility entrusted by the times. To continue to strengthen self-cultivation, consciously temper willpower, good attitude and emotions keep persistent, optimistic and confident, be enthusiastic and press on; handling contradictions problems should be good at listening to the views of all parties, tolerance and solidarity of all kinds of talents, taking into account the interests of all parties; face questioning, criticism and criticism, very modest, necessary and timely communication and explanation, to eliminate misunderstanding and estrangement, the formation of consensus and work together; the face of unexpected events, not thrown into a panic, avoid concessions, and strive to achieve democratic and scientific decision-making, take time for, properly resolve conflicts, the security crisis, in the face of setbacks and unable to solve the difficulties, not downhearted, nothing, but the difficulties, forge ahead.

to the quality of culture, is a long-term accumulation of knowledge and cultural accumulation process. Only deeply rooted in the rich cultural heritage, armed with advanced culture mind, with broad and profound traditional culture and foreign culture, healthy times culture enrich the spiritual world, the culture has penetrated into every aspect of the leading cadres of the party life;

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