CBC branch to increase the intensity of the development of small and medium sized business support

ICBC blue aluminum branch adhere to support the development of SMEs as an important strategy to promote innovation of regional private economy and promote customer structure optimization to implement, introduced a number of measures to quickly promote the development of SMEs credit business, the strong support of local economic construction.

for different enterprises actual payment transactions, and the background of supply chain, ICBC branch green aluminum tailored support scheme, in the two quarter, the bank in the traditional way of credit to small business loans issued 550 thousand yuan, and successfully issued 1 million 900 thousand yuan of small enterprises in domestic trade financing business, for the first time to achieve the bank’s annual payment trade finance business of small enterprises, to support the development of SMEs, summarizes the experience laid the foundation.

the bank also with the financial system to carry out the "Small and micro businesses financial services awareness month" activities, actively carry out publicity and promotion of small and micro enterprises financial services policy work, create a good social atmosphere of public opinion. Form propaganda team, go deep into the Beichuan Industrial Park of Datong County, actively promote the credit policy of the enterprise in the park. The organization of young employees, client manager went to Datong County’s largest building materials market – market Jiabao, comprehensive promotion of small business loans, on-site part of the business of business consulting, has a deep understanding to the majority of businesses on personal business loans and small business loans.


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