Too busy to attend to all the world mountain Documentary Festival and harvest of joy

2012 Chinese (Qinghai) world mountain Documentary Festival with great charm in the Qaidam eight hundred desert hinterland of Delingha continue to harvest the joy in July 29th, large-scale cultural documentary "sky Kunlun" on July 28th stunning basis, Documentary Festival and harvest a bunch of too busy to attend to all the joy.

high-end experts, scholars gathered forum

July 29th, 29 domestic and foreign experts and scholars in the high-end mountain Documentary Festival forum delivered a passionate speech from different angles, structure of mountain documentary of reverie, myth and the power of the media is discussed, on the mountain the story with the world language skills are discussed, the creation process of different mountain the documentary works were talked about…… The forum, Gio de Maja also published "create a multicultural background of the documentary" the brand of passionate speeches, he said, through two successful sessions, world mountain documentary has become a well-known cultural brand in Qinghai, is to be known and familiar with international vision, its brand influence is also expanding Qinghai is one of the main roof of the world, part of the Tibetan Plateau, is a piece of the earth is regarded as the last pure land continental plateau. This is a kind of special geographical environment and climate conditions created by the "great beauty", contains the magical nature of the creative ideas, to bring the impact of human vision and soul shock.

humanities enrichment hold charm Qinghai, brand Qinghai

the same day in the afternoon, Xu was busy with the interview with the online media Qinghai line interview with more than 50 reporters. In the face of the network media reporters from around the country, Gio de Maja was introduced to reporters in the world mountain documentary festival culture, Kunlun culture, Qinghai cultural and creative activities, and especially introduces the Qinghai as a developed area, the development in recent years is committed to international activities and cultural brand, such as "Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival  " Sanjiang International Photography Festival, " " international Thangka Art Culture Expo, " " Kunlun Mountains jade Mount Everest concert "increasingly influential world cultural brand activities. Gio de Maja further said that from the beginning of the first mountain Documentary Festival held in Qinghai, it was a high evaluation, Documentary Festival has been the central, State Council Information Office of the major support. Qinghai held a mountain Documentary Festival, so that the world has deepened the understanding of Qinghai, understanding, but also to better Qinghai to the world.

Qinghai publicity and cultural industry projects by double

after the early in-depth communication and consultation on the same day, the Provincial Government Information Office (UK) and Propeller TV publicity company signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and also launched cooperation projects; provincial cultural reform and development work leading group office and zhongshitaihe television media culture industry investment company signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and at the same time start cooperation project…… This is an important achievement in the implementation of the spirit of the province’s cultural reform and development conference, as Gio de Maja said in his speech: "the signing ceremony is just a;

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