Energy saving and emission reduction in Xining to 15 years the total elimination of inferior V water

to speed up the work of energy saving and emission reduction in Xining, to achieve low carbon development, Xining city from 2014 to 2015 to develop energy-saving emission reduction action plan for low-carbon development, this program has been considered by the executive committee. The next two years, Xining will be the main implementation of the accelerated industrial restructuring, increase the intensity of low-carbon emission reduction projects, pay close attention to key areas of energy conservation and emission reduction, promote market-oriented energy saving emission reduction mechanism, such as five.

Xining will be the new energy and new materials, bio medicine, special textile, high-end equipment manufacturing and other industries as the focus, and actively promote solar battery components, lithium battery materials, aluminum based composite materials and other projects. By 2015, to achieve rapid growth in energy conservation and environmental protection industry, the basic improvement of the industrial chain, enhance the overall strength. Will increase the coal-fired boiler renovation process, by the end of 2015 to complete the transformation of urban areas within the scope of the county’s natural gas pipeline network of all coal-fired boilers. Will promote the reduction of motor vehicles, by 2015 the city before the end of 2005 to register the operation of the yellow car more than 90%.

, meanwhile, will implement the most stringent water management system, the implementation of the Huangshui watershed wetland construction of ecological restoration project, 2015 to eliminate inferior class V water quality in Huangshui River Basin, which is useless slops; Xining section above water quality reach national standard III class, which is suitable for the set of two protected areas, protected areas and swimming fish the Chinese life drinking water source area. Will comprehensively promote the reform of public service vehicles to promote energy-saving and new energy vehicles. 2015 officially launched the use of emission rights and trading pilot work. Will strengthen the monitoring of the operation, supervision and testing results will reach more than 95%.


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