Kuang Chung in the field of production safety inspection in charge of work stress and lay a solid fo

12 2, 2009, 5, deputy governor Kuang Chung depth in charge of the field to carry out special inspections of safety. He stressed that security is the guarantee and premise of the development of production, development must not be at the expense of life and property, which must be an insurmountable red line. All departments and units to strengthen the responsibility to play, timely carry out a comprehensive self-examination and production safety, identify the crux of security risks and problems, the establishment of the implementation of hidden ledger, inventory management, the development of the reform program, to ensure that the responsibility of measures, the implementation of the plan, and even Wan Wu truly prevent trouble before it happens.

Kuang Chung came to the orphanage, DOPA center of Huangzhong County welfare, Xinning Road gas station, Qinghai Huaxi Xiadu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd and Xining Huixin small food wholesale market, Huaneng Group, a number of residential areas, Xining Haihong Richpower commercial street, a detailed understanding of the safety management measures, the implementation of welfare canteen hygiene, food and medicine, boiler, elevator safety management, fire control facilities with the use of the situation, Kuang Chung asked all units to seriously study and understand the spirit of the national television and telephone conference, the province’s production safety, to further enhance the safety management of small business awareness, always tighten the string of safety management; focus on the weak link, dining room, boiler room, finished oil, food and medicine and other vital parts of the lift, check the reform, to ensure the safe operation of facilities and skilled personnel to effectively implement the safety operation; The main responsibility, strict accountability, the formation of a level, layers of responsibility to implement the system to ensure that no problems.


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