Why are street trees cut down For the public to create a more beautiful environment

recently, the newspaper received a lot of people to reflect the hotline, 54 street good growth trees were felled, what is He Yuanyin? April 15th, the reporter learned from the West District Green Department, in order to give the public to create a more beautiful urban environment, west of the city through the transformation of scattered scattered tree species, to reach a street tree.

, according to the director of the Department of West District Green Yang Wushan introduction, West Main Street, 54 street, victory road is the city’s main road, but the distribution along the street, a variety of trees, a serious impact on the urban landscape. In order to improve the quality of the city, according to the unified arrangement of the west area of the district government and the Municipal Gardens Department instructions, West District of the street greening species complex sections of species transformation, through the transformation, basically a street tree. West Main Street to 54 street in Populus hopeiensis, Sophora japonica, willow based road victory.

at present, West Main Street and victory road tree species transformation work has been basically completed, 54 street tree species transformation work will be around the end of this month about 20.


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