Xining this year three thousand acres of green land

this year, Xining Beishan slope greening treatment project with a total area of 3050 acres. Year by year increase in the north of Xining, not only to the public in the summer witnessed the beauty of the mountains of the misty rain, into the fall, will also show color change scenery.

since the spring planting, the green Xining Beishan units to implement high standards of afforestation in the region in accordance with the design requirements, high size seedlings were planted all kinds of more than 32 strains of Tamarix chinensis cuttings amounted to 16 million, Caragana planting amounted to 1 million 400 thousand lines. According to the Forestry Department of the survival rate of afforestation seedlings showed that this year Xining Beishan slope before planting seedlings survival rate of more than 90%, Tamarix cutting survival rate was above 60%, the survival rate of Caragana in more than 85%, and the germination rate was more than 95%. The average coverage of forest and grass increased from the original 20% to about 80% of the present, and the greening management achieved remarkable results.


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