The establishment of the Legal Aid Foundation

recently, the province set up a legal aid foundation, and held the first meeting of the first council. This is an important measure for the province to fully mobilize the participation of social forces to support the development of legal aid in our province, and improve the legal aid system, opening up a new field of legal aid in the new era.

I, the Legal Aid Foundation established by the Justice Department, the Provincial Department of finance fund registered 4 million yuan, by the provincial Civil Affairs Department approved the registration and establishment. The legal aid foundation work, mainly oriented society, strive for the support from organizations and individuals at home and abroad about the Qinghai legal aid career development, raise social capital through the law, is beneficial to the development of legal aid charity projects and activities to help maintain the economic difficulties of citizens and special cases of the legitimate rights and interests of parties enjoy judicial equal protection for citizens to provide financial support, effectively solve the "litigation difficult" problem, safeguard judicial justice, promote social harmony and stability.


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