Xining 100 car park grab 15 parking spaces and parking vehicles bursting to be cracked

About 450 thousand vehicles, a total of 69 thousand parking spaces, grab the 15 car parking spaces, which is now the number of motor vehicles and parking spaces in Xining compared to the number of 100. A large number of motor vehicles, corresponding to the very few parking spaces. If the proportion of a car in a parking space, then the remaining 380 thousand cars parked where to go?

can be parked in the living area, has become more and more owners expect. Today, the Xining area of the ground space is almost occupied by vehicles, even the district’s green belt has gradually been occupied.

although after occupancy number increasing, but the district parking is still surplus. But in recent years, the area of vehicles soared, roadside parking more difficult, Lee had to spend more than 70 thousand yuan to buy a parking garage. "Now I think the decision was right." Mr Lee said.

is a contrast with the underground parking lot is idle, the phenomenon of the lake district the district is the most obvious. Although under the intervention of the relevant departments have eased, but the parking problem still exists. A property manager gave away the conflicts: the construction of "hope through the sale of parking spaces quickly recover construction costs; most of the property ownership and no underground parking spaces; the owners want to rent but nowhere to rent. Stalemate, resulting in this situation now."

like small residential rental Qi parking owners and;

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