Xining East procuratorate joint meeting system to improve the quality of handling cases

is to solve the problem in the process of law enforcement departments for criminal policy is not unified, understanding the consciousness of evidence investigators such as weak, Chengdong District People’s Procuratorate adhere to the regular joint meeting form, from the basic communication and cooperation between departments on the real cases the social effect and legal effect, political effect unity of purpose.

this year, the joint meeting has become the East District People’s Procuratorate, the City Public Security Bureau, the East Court and other departments of fixed communication. In this communication and exchange platform, the three departments for law enforcement investigators concept investigators handling the case in the presence of bias, especially for the criminal justice policy understanding is not comprehensive enough and three departments to coordinate their own lack of communication, knowledge update lag, lead to the latest criminal justice policy understanding deviation and other issues are not uniform, the three departments of the investigators and actively explore new ideas, actively looking for solutions based on mutual exchange of views, to find the crux of the problem. Over the past year, three departments after joint meeting dozens of times, and ultimately solve the three departments in the process of law enforcement law is not unified, common understanding and long-term precipitation problems, the public prosecutor, the three departments jointly unify the understanding, enhance the quality and level of handling cases, the effective maintenance of social security law enforcement purpose.


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