Today aspect Xining criterium staged speed and passion

The first stage: Xining criterium

game line of Silver Street – Yuen Street – Haiyan road – Victory Road – the Yangtze River Road, West Main Street – – – – Cold Lake Road 54 West Street.

game time: at 11 on July 6th, is expected to end at 13:30

race distance: 121 km

game highlights: where the days of the event, the opener is particularly exciting, Lake race is no exception. The tournament, 22 teams from around the world, the 198 occupation drivers will be fought in 13 stages in 14 days, difficulty of remarkable events. As the opener, the flat track, the audience professional and enthusiastic Xining, contestants will go all out for the appearance, face. Especially, as the host of the Qinghai tianyoude team is Li Bing and other preparation to get ready for a long time, is in front of the home crowd. At this moment, so Xining criterium will be a wonderful "speed and passion" blockbuster.

July 7th, Lake race will usher in the second stage of DOPA to chase the stage race, race distance over 188 km, with three sprint points on the way.


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