Qinghai construction engineering survey design management approach in October

In order to improve the province’s construction surveying and designing activities of the supervision and management level, ensure the quality of survey, design, survey and design norms of market behavior, recently, the provincial government for consideration by the design of "measures for the administration of Construction Engineering Surveying in Qinghai province". The measures will be implemented on October 1st.

in energy-saving environmental protection, strict implementation of the "measures" of building energy saving, environmental protection and emission reduction laws, regulations and relevant standards and norms, to ensure the effective implementation of energy-saving and environmental protection requirements in the field of engineering construction, improve energy efficiency, protect and improve the environment; in the prospecting and design contracts, the "measures" provisions of the construction project the implementation of bidding, contracting units shall contract out the project to the contracting units in accordance with the law. If a construction project is subject to direct contract, the contract issuing unit shall contract the construction project to the contracting unit with the corresponding qualifications. It is prohibited to subcontract to the units that do not have the corresponding qualifications, and the sub contractor shall be forbidden to subcontract the project.

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