Xining city to develop the Xining medical dispute prevention and treatment measures to determine the

for effective prevention and treatment of medical disputes, maintain medical order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, Xining formulated the "measures to deal with the Xining medical dispute prevention" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures").

"approach" is divided into five chapters, including the general provisions of the prevention of medical disputes, medical disputes, legal liability and supplementary provisions of the forty-four. The term "medical disputes" mentioned in the Measures refers to the disputes arising from the examination, diagnosis and treatment of the medical institutions and their medical personnel, and the differences between the results and their causes and responsibilities.

"approach" to the specific provisions of the parties.

*: medical institutions should strictly regulate the medical technology, in accordance with the approved registration medical subjects to carry out medical activities, and in accordance with the provisions of the public health service information, through a variety of ways to promote medical and health management laws, regulations and rules. Improve doctor-patient communication mechanism should be established, the establishment of the reception site, equipped with reception staff, to accept and deal with patients and their close relatives or the entrusted agent consultation, complaints, publicity related laws and regulations and medical disputes, mediation procedures, handling complaints timely consultation, the results should be feedback to the complainant consultation.

*: medical personnel shall abide by the relevant laws, regulations and rules of health management system and occupation morality, protect the privacy of the patient, in accordance with the provisions of written records, strictly abide by the technical standard. Shall not engage in the implementation of the medical behavior beyond the scope of practice, the implementation of unnecessary examination violate medical norms, conceal, misleading or exaggerate illness using disagrees with disease diagnosis and treatment technology and drugs, tampering, forgery, concealment, damage, abandon the medical records from patients, close relatives or agent of financial, medical, drug taking reagents, production and operation of enterprises or financial personnel.

. The patients and their close relatives or agent rights: the requirements of medical staff that illness and treatment measures, the medical risks and alternative health care; the need for surgery, special treatment, medical personnel shall obtain the written consent should not be explained to the patient, should close relatives of patients, and obtain the written consent; and may request to consult and copy the hospitalization records, medical orders, inspection reports, surgery and anesthesia records, pathological data, nursing records, medical expenses list and other related information; for medicines, disinfectants and medical devices and other defects of the damage caused by the patient, can ask for compensation from the medical institution or the producer; other rights prescribed by laws and regulations.

rights and obligations parallel. The measures also provides for the obligations of patients and their close relatives or agents to perform. 1 should comply with the medical order, respect for the medical staff to the medical staff; the truthful statement of condition with the medical staff of medical history, diagnosis, examination, treatment and care necessary; and according to the provisions of payment of medical expenses; it should not be forced to medical institutions and medical personnel to make medical treatment behavior beyond the ability and scope of practice; the objection or to the medical behavior;

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