Provincial second inspection teams to inspect the situation of the provincial audit office party fee

unified deployment by the provincial Party committee, in November 28th, the provincial Party committee second inspection teams feedback to the provincial audit department special inspections. Leader Liu Jianqing to the office party secretary, director Wang Jiqing conveyed the Secretary Wang Guosheng will listen to the spirit of inspection work report after speech at the Provincial Standing Committee and provincial Party committee, on behalf of the group of five inspection teams to the office of the Party leadership had feedback. Wang Jiqing presided over the meeting and made a statement.

Liu Jianqing pointed out that the provincial audit department leadership conscientiously implement the spirit of the general secretary of the party and all the eighteen plenary session of the spirit and the Xi Jinping series of important speech, give full play to the function of audit supervision, the overall evaluation of the cadres and the masses is good, but in the inspection still find some problems. First, the leadership of the office of the leading role of the party is not enough, the party building work on the topic of research, to strengthen the lack of guidance. Two grassroots party organizations are not standardized, in the implementation of the "three sessions" system, democratic appraisal of Party members, branch election and other aspects are not strict. Three is the implementation of the strict requirements of the party there is still a gap, the main responsibility for the implementation of clean government is not enough. Four selection and appointment of cadres and management is not rigorous enough. Five is the implementation of the provisions of the spirit of the central government and the provincial government of the 21 measures are not strict eight. At the same time, the clues found in inspections, has been transferred to the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Liu Jianqing on behalf of the inspection team made four suggestions. The first is to strengthen the party’s leadership in a clear-cut manner, often study and solve deep-seated problems, and constantly enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of grassroots party organizations. Two is to strengthen the construction of grassroots party organizations, from the party organization, the three will be a lesson, organizational life, democratic appraisal of Party members and other basic work to seize, consolidate grassroots. Three is to further implement the strict requirements of the party. Department of audit as the audit supervision departments must be high standards and strict requirements in strictly, to further implement the main responsibility for honest government, pay attention to the education and supervision and inspection work, the work done in the normalization and refinement of management. The four is to persevere grasp style building, and resolutely rectify excessive bonuses and official reception is not standardized, strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the cadre selection, strict education and management of cadres, serious personal matters reporting system, strengthen the style construction.

Wang Jiqing said that the special inspection, is the office of the leading cadres of the party and a comprehensive political examination, the party will earnestly rectification patrol as a major political task to grasp, catch effect. First, we must raise awareness, enhance the implementation of the rectification of the implementation of the problem of consciousness and firmness. Two to strengthen the responsibility to play, strengthen the organization and leadership of the inspection and rectification work. Hall party will take the overall responsibility for the rectification of the main responsibility, party secretary and team members firmly put themselves into the initiative to claim responsibility, take the lead in the implementation of the rectification. Three to focus on long-term construction, comprehensive consolidation of the rectification results. Firmly establish the "Four Consciousness", further weave the system "cage", strengthen the construction of the team, and fulfill the duty of supervision.


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