Since the highest temperature to freezing point

yesterday, is the twenty-four solar term in spring. But Xining is not only the shadow of the spring, but the temperature plunged overnight, the maximum temperature fell to minus.

February 4th, the weather changed the past to cloudy, sunny, so that the public can not adapt to all of a sudden. And this winter the scarce rainfall, resulting in land dry, dry air, many people eagerly looked forward to can snow, a pressure in the air pressure of dust and harmful particles. But the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, within the next few days the city is still no precipitation, but the weather is abnormal is not good, the first is in the highest temperature dropped to minus, the lowest temperature maintained at -10 degrees Celsius, and for a few days in the city are cloudy or overcast. City Meteorological Observatory staff reminded that such weather, the infirm is very easy to get sick, the public must promptly increase clothing to prevent colds and other diseases.


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