Xining food and other product safety is classified as the focus of remediation action

Recently, the Xining Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of food and other product safety special rectification action kicked off. The 4 month dragnet, without leaving a special rectification action, the city’s food safety environment will be significantly improved.

reporter learned that the crackdown, will ban a number of dens, shutting down a number of undocumented enterprises, key areas of remediation to highlight some of the issues, to curb the abuse of basic city food production enterprises of raw materials, additives and other illegal activities, to eliminate undocumented production problems in key areas, major counterfeiting activities have been effectively curbed.

remediation actions involving people’s lives and there are more problems of meat products, soy products and other foods, as well as human health and safety of consumer goods, household appliances and other key products. The key for less than 10 small workshops, licenses incomplete or undocumented enterprises, the problem is not the rectification or rectification is not in place enterprises exist in the daily supervision, supervision and inspection of two consecutive unqualified and there exist many problems in the enterprise. In urban and rural areas of Xining surrounding areas joint parts and three county is the key region, force check the use of non food materials, unqualified raw materials and processed food, beyond the scope or excessive use of illegal additives, impurities, shoddy, shoddy work, the production of "three noes" of products and food production environment dirty and messy, as a key the content of special rectification. Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau Tel: 12365 (author: Ge Wenrong)


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