Xining to 110 thousand of the poor population precise force

to find out the base, cohesion force, tackling poverty mechanism innovation — Xining city in promoting poverty alleviation and development work, to the existing 112 thousand poor precision force, highlighting the effectiveness of poverty alleviation and development work, and strive to walk in the forefront of the province.

for the city’s existing 31 thousand poor households, 112 thousand impoverished population in the city of Xining, in the "12th Five-Year" during an annual reduction of poverty population of 48 thousand and 600 people on the basis of further verification, approval of poverty alleviation object, find out the poor base, lay the foundation for the precise poverty; to support the implementation of production and employment, the development of a number of a number of relocation and resettlement and a number of policy fallback and medical assistance to support a number of "a group of four" poverty alleviation program, and carry out precise poverty. Through the implementation of the whole village, easily relocated, industrial poverty, education and training, mutual fund loans, loan interest and other poverty alleviation projects, tackling the cohesion force, so that the project is accurate, precise, arrange the use of funds to households out of poverty, the effectiveness of precision measure precision; innovation mechanism, strengthen organizational leadership, increase funding for poverty alleviation, innovation of social assistance the mechanism, concentrating on the overall poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation, the first.


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