Luo Huining made instructions on the disaster relief

  Luo Huining: the life of the masses and to ensure the construction safety of   – Wang Yubo: to do all the relief work has been put in place –   all kinds of emergency supplies 2 million yuan   – affected people living completely solve the basic problems

news (reporter   Sheng Nan) in August 11th, the local area of Datong County, torrential rain triggered floods. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Luo Huining is very concerned about the disaster, a detailed understanding of progress in disaster relief and the masses living arrangements, in August 12th, Luo Huining specially made important instructions on relief work, Xining municipal government to assist the relevant units to the proper placement of the affected people, to do good work in dealing with the aftermath of the affected villages, and summarize the experience, pay attention to the prevention of natural disasters. To eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure that people living and construction safety.

Deputy secretary, mayor Wang Yubo

said the disaster area reflects the township and village cadres and the masses flood prevention awareness, rapid response; on the other hand also reflects the relevant enterprises there are still weaknesses in flood control work.

must be in accordance with the instructions of the provincial government, targeted to do all kinds of relief work.

August 11th morning, after the disaster occurred in Datong County, city flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters, the city flood control office and the relevant departments of cities and counties, immediately organized the first time rushed to the affected areas of Datong County, flood control and emergency allocation of relief supplies, machinery and equipment, the organization to carry out flood relief work.

city flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters, the city flood control office in conjunction with the civil affairs department immediately with the county, township and village leaders together to carry out disaster verification work, focus on the detailed investigation of flood control engineering and water conservancy facilities damage, to carry out repair of flood control works and water conservancy facilities to prevent flood disasters happen again. The city flood control office to carry out flood emergency on-site inventory work, on-site investigation and check risks focus on flood control projects, ditches and dangerous sections, find hidden problems, and in a timely manner to the relevant construction enterprises and units proposed to strengthen the prevention of floods, landslides and other natural disasters measures to. At the same time, the drafting of an emergency notice, requiring all levels of government and departments to seriously implement the provincial leaders instructions spirit, attaches great importance to flood control work, strengthen flood prevention inspections and responsibilities.

at present, has been in place for all kinds of emergency supplies 2 million yuan, the affected people’s food, oil, rice, accommodation and other basic issues of life have been fully resolved. People affected by the draft difficult problem is a positive solution: 4 townships in Datong County village of the 43 drinking water projects are speeding up and repair, treasure five temple village, township village drinking water engineering construction and water damage repair machinery and equipment have been put in place, today will be fully restored building. Affected companies have also been transferred to the security of the middle school. There are some emergency supplies in the active financing.


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