mprove the level of urban modernization in Xining city is expected to cover the whole year of natur

The fifteenth Xining Municipal People’s Congress the fifth meeting of the government work report, 2014, Xining city will strengthen infrastructure construction, improve the city carrier function, improve the level of city modernization, and strive to achieve full coverage of urban natural gas. January 5th, the reporter interviewed on behalf of the work of the NPC, Shang Longqing, general manager of PetroChina Xining Gas Co., ltd..

Shang Longqing introduction, in 2013, the city of Xining to solve the 86 old buildings, 6773 households household heating problems, providing central heating gas 520 tons. This year, Xining city will also solve the problem of heating residential building 30 thousand new users, to build 12 natural gas branch pipeline, expansion of the 11 pipelines, all coal-fired boilers range in Xining City, in the winter heating period before the arrival of natural gas, and strive to achieve full coverage of the city.

, of course, is long Qing also said that there are some difficulties in this work. First, the coverage of natural gas is closely related to urban planning. Currently, Gas Co has been in communication with the planning department of Xining, according to the city planning pipeline laying. Secondly, the maintenance of natural gas pipeline is particularly important. Road construction, housing construction should be informed in advance of Gas Co, Gas Co will provide pipeline distribution map, 5 meters within the pipeline to prohibit the construction of mechanical excavation to prevent damage caused by the construction of the pipeline. In addition, the construction of the pipe network, but also need to support businesses and households along the street. (author: Peng Na)


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