Open fair and preferred Xining Education Bureau to determine the recruitment of teachers program th

In order to ensure the basic needs of teachers in the development of basic education in Xining, according to the relevant provisions of the office of the Qinghai Provincial Commission for the establishment of institutions, the development of the recruitment of teachers in 2007 to work program. The recruitment work from the beginning of March, according to the teacher qualification system, community oriented, open, fair and merit examination.

it is understood that the recruitment target for secondary school teachers (including vocational school teachers), kindergarten teachers. The conditions of employment are citizens of People’s Republic of China nationality and political rights. Love education, abide by the law, with the corresponding qualifications for teachers. With the professional ethics quality, professional level, teaching ability and physical and psychological quality. Secondary school teachers (including vocational school teachers) under the age of 40 years, with a series of national education undergraduate and above (special circumstances and special positions according to the need to relax the conditions) education. Kindergarten teachers under the age of 26, with a national education series college degree or above.

to broaden the talent selection and education channel, should attract outstanding university graduates, the Xining city to teach, to further relax the recruitment of teachers authority, earnestly implement the school autonomy in 2007, Xining City Bureau of education will continue to be the employer directly from outside the province, colleges and universities should be the selection of outstanding university graduates. First of all, the employing units to organize the recruitment of teachers’ team of experts, through a one-time interview, lectures, lectures to determine the assessment object. Secondly, the employer of the assessment object for a period of two weeks of education and teaching ability assessment. Finally, by the City Board of education, the city discipline inspection, Municipal Personnel Bureau unified arrangements to carry out comprehensive assessment of educational and teaching ability to determine the recruitment of personnel. Occupation school recruitment of teachers working group led by the president to implement the province through a one-time recruitment, interview, lessons, lectures, to determine the object to be recorded by the employer, the Municipal Education Bureau, city discipline inspection, the Municipal Personnel Bureau to be recorded object qualification, file review, examination after determining the recruitment of personnel organization.

for the recruitment of teachers does not affect the development of Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan county education, for all three county owned schools, shall hold the County Education Bureau agreed to apply for the letter of introduction, otherwise, no registration. The candidate has been working before the staff, the probation period of 3 months, did not work, the probation period of 12 months. During the probation period, the employment contract shall be signed, the probation period shall be paid, and the relevant personnel transfer procedures shall be handled after the probation period has passed the examination. (author He Jian)


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