Environmental protection Qinghai environmental monitoring to achieve the three major changes

12 at 6 pm on the afternoon of the day, in the Qinghai ecological environment monitoring center, the day on duty Faye Wong sitting in front of the computer, is observing every monitoring point, and seriously do a record of. "One, two, three……" "You see, today the Ngoring sunny weather, has entered into the frozen period, but you can still see the lake waterfowl activities, this should be th." Faye Wong said, while using the mouse panoramic monitoring, 360 degrees of the moment, in the Yellow River – source Ngoring real-time picture, we can see clearly that the sky is blue, "the source of the Yellow River Wei tau monument" and imposing, people feel like being in.

winter agsai, mountain valleys, lush pine…… When we see the real-time monitoring computer screen switches to agsai Grand Canyon of the Lancang River, Pine Ridge, on both sides of the canyon, "walking leisurely eared pheasant". Just like in April this year, in the Lancang River, we have seen the reality playback.

now, as long as we sit in front of the computer every day, you will be able to monitor the ecological changes in the province’s key ecological function areas. In particular, in August of this year, when we are in the five beam monitoring points to see a group of Tibetan antelope, the massive migration of the picture, really one of the shock." Faye Wong said, shocked is not only spectacular mass migration of Tibetan antelope, is "Internet plus" to bring environmental protection the new ideas and new thinking, it is a kind of brand-new transformation.

whether it is the source of the screen in real time access to the, or the smooth dialogue of the video, naturally inseparable from the technical support of Qinghai environmental cloud platform.

at the beginning of this year, the state issued the "ecological environment construction of big data overall plan", the local environmental protection system have also issued the ecological environment monitoring program, environmental information is carried out like a raging fire, which makes the construction of environmental information security system is becoming more and more urgent.

is located in Sanjiang, the source of Chinese water tower of Qinghai, as one of the national ecological civilization pilot area, with the ecological environment construction of big data development, "Internet plus" has also become the inevitable trend of Qinghai ecological environmental monitoring information technology development.


" Internet plus "to improve the province’s environmental protection industry, starting from the national industry management level, based on the state issued" ecological environment monitoring network construction plan "," ecological environment construction of big data overall plan "and other policies, combined with the actual needs of the basic information of Qinghai Province Environmental protection system, finally decided to realize three changes of informatization construction the use of cloud computing and big data." As the Qinghai environmental protection and promote the transformation of IT architect with the information system, Qinghai Environmental Information Center Director Li Hongqi road.

2011, Qinghai provincial Environmental Protection Bureau established cover Province, state (city), county (District, the Environmental Protection Committee) the special business network, established in information industry of Qinghai environmental protection foundation to promote environmental management modernization.

The end of

2012, the environmental protection department of Qinghai Province comprehensive information (one or two) the implementation of construction projects, make full use of environmental information cloud platform and high performance computing platform, the province of water, air, noise, solid waste, nuclear and radiation;

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