Qinghai Tibet Alpine first built high speed

a total length of more than and 630 kilometers, the investment of over ten billion yuan, after 4 years of construction extremely hard and bitter, through the permafrost region of the Tibetan Plateau high altitude, the first freeway — to Yushu (Republic of Jiegu) highway (a) recently completed a basic, high-speed passage to Yushu with the existing 214 national highway. This article through the high altitude high speed highway, road construction in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau has created miracles in the history, it’s built to improve the overall level of Qinghai highway network traffic, accelerate regional poverty, achieve leapfrog economic and social development, plays a very important role.

total Jade Road since the sea south of county Qia Bu Qia Town, the high-speed Beijing Tibet Gonghe to Chaka Road, end point in Gyegu Town of Yushu county (new East Village). The route passes through the frozen soil area, the permafrost section is 227.7 km, accounting for the total length of the route, the average elevation of the whole line is more than 4100 meters above sea level.

as the State Council "Yushu earthquake restoration and reconstruction master plan" building "one vertical and one horizontal two" lifeline highway channel important sections of the Ministry of transport and the western channel in a high cross, jade highway built, to give full play to the main function of national highway trunk line network skeleton, positive the role of improving the overall level of Qinghai highway network traffic, to promote the Yushu earthquake recovery and reconstruction planning, improve production and living conditions in rural and pastoral areas along the line, have a very important role in solving the difficult problem of mass travel along the herdsmen.


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