The province’s key repertoire of national dance drama Gelsall Wang open row

after careful preparation, in April 1st, the province’s cultural tourism focus repertoire national dance drama, "Gelsall Wang" officially opened, is expected in mid July premiere in Xining.

national dance drama "King Gelsall" is the focus of the province in recent years to build a large repertoire, drawn from the Tibetan heroic epic "king of Gelsall". "King Gelsall" is one of the world’s longest living epic and unique in Tibetan, myths and legends, folk tales, folk songs and proverbs in one, is the Tibetan cultural landmark works, was included in the national intangible cultural heritage, known as the "Oriental homer".

  national dance drama, "Gelsall Wang" creative team focused on the province’s first-class professionals, to participate in the creation of a row of nearly 100 staff. The whole structure of work sequence to "and" emperor "hero", "horse king" was born, "North" Huo "JiangMo ridge war" "six" points, the most typical story and plot in the original selection of outstanding performance, good and evil, promote the good and the beautiful, harmonious theme of Tibetan and chinese.

according to the person in charge, the drama aims to expand the depth and breadth of the integration of culture and tourism, will participate in the performance of the scenic spots in Qinghai during the peak season.


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