Xining Federation of trade unions autumn student round 300 students dream

This year, 300 students were enrolled in college and above the difficulties workers union plan in Xining city (including migrant workers) families give relief, grants standard for 3000 yuan per person, undergraduate college students 2000 yuan per person, activities will end on August 30th.The main object of the

in Xining this year, "the student" activities such as: family income per capita is slightly higher than the local minimum living security line, but there are family members suffering from serious illness, disability, and other special difficulties encountered sudden disasters, low marginal workers children, guaranteeing that workers after a government bailout after the family life is still difficult, the children of workers suffering from natural disasters the difficulties workers families with children, in the town of migrant workers children to school difficult. In 2012, the national college entrance examination and enrollment of college and college freshmen, has received the admission notice and meet one of the above conditions of the candidates, can apply for the autumn student funding. (author: Zhao Junjie)


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