Heritage exhibition technology

September 16th, the public to visit the city fair will not reduce the enthusiasm. South City International Convention and Exhibition Center A Museum, a lot of people carrying a camera, holding a cell phone, while walking side beat. Museum of intangible cultural heritage exhibition area, five non heritage inheritors in the field demonstration of the production process, the scene surrounded by the masses.

gutta carpet carpet booth, heritage Yang Yongliang wife Li Xiaoling is woven carpet. Li Xiaoling said that her husband is busy today not to, so she Daifu battle. "Although I’m not a true inheritor, I don’t have the same technique." Li Xiaoling said with a smile.Since the original

, and her husband after marriage, Li Xiaoling has been helping Yang Yongliang washing line, spinning, dyeing, for decades, two couples together woven carpet, gradually, she also learned the art of.

in the exhibition area with a provincial level and Datong paper-cut artists Liu Shenglan. The lifelike portrait, the lifelike peony, the booth is full of the work which she has just cut out.

show, Liu Shenglan is working on the guest customized "meilanzhuju map", she said, this art is to learn the great grandmother, now 5 year old granddaughter also learn paper-cut, she took this art heritage.  

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