Happy life under the sun

"to have to use strong, providing for the elderly, the young director, widows or disabled by key has been raised." This is the "book of rites depicts · Li Yun" in the wonderful vision of life, for thousands of years, many generations of people in pursuit of. For the people of Qinghai, the most profound experience of this beautiful life experience occurred in the last 10 years.

includes pension, medical, unemployment, work injury and maternity, five insurance, and low relief, difficult family housing security, five guarantees, orphans and other woven a "safety net", so that people not only feel the "Faye has used, providing for the elderly, the young director, widows or disease. All has been raised, but also feel the" medical, housing".

pension: Double leap of system and concept

76 year old Xu Daming and his wife now a month to get 170 yuan pension, for a lifetime by farming life of the people, pension change is not only an old Xu’s life are ingrained "and" concept.

Xu Daming told reporters, in his view, only urban workers have pensions, and they can only rely on their children to support the elderly. He and his wife did not expect that, in July 2010, he and his wife have received 55 yuan per month pension. Xu Daming very satisfied, the beginning of the total reluctant to take out from the bank, although the money is not much, but this is the government issued to us’ wages’, meaning is not the same. Rural people’s lives are now very good, just began to receive 55 yuan per month, this year the government to rise up into a block of 85. Utilities in the home, money, enough tea daily necessaries." Xu Daming said, the pension book out to us to see, "the public on time every month make money to form a mile, you see, a day not too late." Old Xu Daming said it is that most people say: "before the farmer health by land, by the old children, filial piety is the children suffer and suffer indignities, no children can only rely on fate. The new rural insurance for those of us less children, the family is not good for the elderly, is not a good thing to ask for, the new agricultural insurance to solve the problem of the truth of the pension."

Xu Daming, the happy life is a microcosm of the vast rural areas of our province in 2009, the pilot of new rural endowment insurance in our province to start, after the abolition of agricultural tax, the implementation of agricultural subsidies and the new rural cooperative medical policy after another major policy.

health insurance light lit

in recent years, more than and 70 year old Li Shaoji became a health care because of the people, life has changed a lot! Lao Li has no formal work, the government issued monthly subsistence allowance and son and daughter living doing odd jobs on the outside, the home is very difficult. Old age is not to say, with Lee’s own words, "do something to spend money", the high cost of treatment has become a family burden.

July 2007, our province started the town;

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